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Robert G Foidl

Remember, my music is totally in the moment (i.e. improvised) at each concert, but I do work with a frame/outline for each song. Lyrics for tunes are printed out, and I need to see the words close to where I’m playing… when I’m singing.

In other words, every composition I perform at a concert will sound slightly different at every concert.

At concerts, the energy I pick up from the audience becomes part of my music, and, in some instances, “composes” the music for me right on the spot.  For me, my gift is god given …the music literally flows…… right out of me…..

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Local, Calgary born, solo artist Robert G Foidl is both Canadian & European, which “shines comes” in his compositions.



my story

As a late sixtee’s child, Robert was raised in Saalfelden, Salzburhg, Austria from the age of 2. to parents of Austrian and German heritage.  Since Elfriede & Emmerich met in Canada, English, as well as German was spoken at pension Foidl am Ritzensee.

Robert’s grandparents, born in Northern Germany (i.e. Ostfriesland), were Robert’s loving connection to family and family history. Hugo Dittfach senior fought as a “Freiwilliger Soldat” or Volunteer soldier, in the 2nd World War all over central Europe.

Cup song … Robert G Foidl was able to retasin his “Pinzgauerisch” talk from his hometown in Austria (Saalfelden Am Steinerem Meer).

One ofd my favourite places outdoors is the forest, as, everytime Time I enter any forest, I am reminded by “Es Gab einmal den Menschen” TV series, from when I was maybe 9 years old and attending Hauptschule-Markt in Saalfelden, Austria. And the saying goes. . . “Wer den Wald teeter, touted das Leben Leben”. And that the forest shows me the present, past and future, all at the same time.  When I stop to watch birds, an owl, two coyotes, deer, woodpeckers, Mom & Dad birdomatos, and perhaps a crow most likely.  What can I say, the forest heals, heals, heals and iOS good for .  My “Forest Walk” is good for my soul, lungs, eyes, muscles, breathing, digestion, skin, breath, joints, bones, memory, remembering things, reciting Poetry 0r singing or practicing a theatre play.

Like my Ski-Instructor father, Emmerich, I too love to ski in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and elsewhere.

“Out the door LIFE begins . . . making every DAY an ADVENTURE”

– Robert g foidl

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solo Artist in Calgary

Robert G Foidl

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